Physicians More Involved In Medical Cannabis Treatments, Case Studies

physiciansEditor’s Note: Justin Kander is webmaster of the Phoenix Tears organization and author of the Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement, a 100-page report that examines and analyzes the mounting evidence in support of cannabis extracts as medicine.

In modern times, cannabinoid medicine is often administered and controlled by individuals with no formal medical training. Dispensaries are run almost entirely by entrepreneurs, and the role of doctors has mainly been limited to writing recommendations.

However, with the rising use of cannabis extract medicine, more medical doctors (M.D.) are getting involved. Their work is confirming what medicinal cannabis providers have been seeing for years – that cannabinoid medicine can eliminate cancer in humans and control other diseases.

Medical Doctors Investigate The Role Of Cannabis In Homeostasis

Dr. Robert Melamede is a professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He teaches several advanced courses and has published research on the endocannabinoid system, suggesting it regulates other key body systems and processes.

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