Cannabis Use During the Civil War


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Because cannabis was never considered an illegal substance prior or during the US Civil War, marijuana was widely accepted as a medical solution, and used frequently by soldiers to help with ailments and wounds.

On this day before Memorial Day the following advertisement from the Good Samaritan and Daily Physician, circa 1862, seemed appropriate. General Ulysses S. Grant (later US President) tells about the medical use of marijuana, “It is of great value to the wounded and feeble, and that it is harmless.” Possibly referring to opium that was being used and abused frequently during that period of history, and still today.

Confederate General General Robert E. Lee declares, “I wish it was in my power to place it (cannabis) in the pocket of every soldier, because I am convinced that it speedily relieves debility, fatigue and suffering”

It is beyond my comprehension that today we limit cannabis to those soldiers that defend our freedom.We also ignore science, common sense and the voice of the commanders in their charge by denying these brave men and women every treatment available, do we not owe them that much?

In 2014 leaders in the military support the use of cannabis, but solely for veterans. This needs to change. And now.

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